Using our highly qualified team and business partners, Title Clearing & Escrow, LLC seamlessly delivers cost- effective title products and curative services throughout the servicing lifecycle. Whether our client is requesting services for Due Diligence, Securitization, Assignment of Mortgage Processing, Curative, Energy Projects, Default or Loss Mitigation, we provide quick resolutions for difficult issues.
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Title and clearing all 50 states
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National underwriters
Title and Settlement in all 50 states

Experienced staff with in-house state specific closers and counsel

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Title Insurance

We provide general liability limited protection policies for Lenders and Owners, protecting both you and your property. Our blanket protection insurance policies for REOs and bulk purchases save you time and money. As a member of the American Land Title Association, we follow industry-leading standards and practices.

Title Insurance

Title Clearance & Transfer

We completely research your property title - for purchase, refinance, deed in lieu, or foreclosure and clear any encumbrances so you are free to sell or transfer title. We also manage the process of transferring title to ensure the process is executed correctly and efficiently. 

Title Clearance
& Transfer

Partnerships with industry leading platforms and applications

Leading edge software with outward facing interaction for consumers, lenders, and agents

Lien Release Processing

Whether it’s a vendor lien, tax lien, or original mortgage, we dig deep on research then process the lien release and ensure that all paperwork is filed with the appropriate parties.

Lien Release Processing

Agent Closing

Agent Closing

We schedule your closing online, eliminating the restriction of local title agent business hours, making your closing convenient for you. We disburse loan proceeds and other payments to all the appropriate parties involved in the transaction, simplifying the process. Finally, our technology platform allows us to e-record all paperwork and documentation, reducing the possibility of human error.

Post-Closing Loan Review

We act as an independent 3rd party to review all closing documentation to evaluate the underwriting, review all documents, ensure all tax and insurance compliance, and ensure that the closing followed all Fannie Mae guidelines. Those guidelines determine if a closing was conducted properly and if so, then your mortgage can be resold on the secondary market.

Loan Review